Planning A Laminate Flooring Purchase

What is laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is a fashionable but extremely tough man-made, hard-surface floor covering. The basics are this: a wood fiber core board with a fashion layer and rugged wear layer comprising tough materials like aluminum oxide and resins. Tongue-and-groove construction makes for easy installation. In laminate, you can find a variety of formats such as tile, strip and planks, in looks ranging from stone and wood to custom-looking decorative designs in matte to gloss finishes, beveled edges, textured finishes and more. No longer just a sensible alternative, laminate has come into its own as a flooring décor all its own. Come see why it’s such as hot seller in Europe.

Where can I use laminate flooring?

Just about anywhere in the home, including some places you wouldn’t think of, like kitchens and laundry rooms.

Laminate floors can be installed over a good subfloor, concrete and many types of existing floors, such as ceramic tile, vinyl and hardwood. We inspect your home ahead of time to ensure the existing flooring is suitable for laminate.

How easy are laminate floors to care for?

Very easy. First, laminate flooring is tough to begin with, standing up to moisture, strong sunlight, spills and foot traffic.

Second, the hard surface makes laminate flooring easy to clean; simply sweep or dust mop. We have environmentally and family-safe cleaners to help keep that new floor looking new.

Third, if your floor is scratched or chipped, there are easy fixes like color sticks and fillers to bring them back.

Fourth, because laminate is a “floating floor,” if you somehow damage it by dragging an appliance across it or break a piece by dropping something heavy, it’s relatively easy AND inexpensive to click in a new piece; no resurfacing, re-sanding or re-grouting are needed. We suggest purchasing a bit extra just for these cases.

What is a floating floor?

These are hard surfaces that are neither nailed, tacked nor glued to the subfloor. As each piece is installed it is attached to the previously installed piece or strip, thus forming a contiguous surface that rests solidly on the subfloor. Underlayments, either installed or part of the flooring itself, help hold the flooring in place and protect against moisture, mildew, mold and sound. This technology makes for a very solid surface that installs quickly. In many cases, we can install your laminate floor in one day and you can enjoy it that night!

Isn’t laminate flooring just a cheap alternative to other flooring like hardwood and stone?

Hardly. Laminate flooring has grown in popularity in the US over the past decade as styles and quality have grown steadily. In Europe, where laminate was first introduced for flooring, it’s quite popular because of the varieties of looks available plus the impressive durability. Think of laminate as a new and different type of flooring with lots of versatility and customization potential. Interior designers are starting to see it that way.

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