Planning A Carpet Purchase

What do I need to know about today’s carpet?

Most people change out their carpet every seven years or so. It’s important to know that carpet likely has changed dramatically and for the better since the last time you invested in it. Olson Rug should know; we’ve been providing carpet at incredible values since 1874 – longer than every brand now in existence! That means we’ve learned a lot about carpet inside and out and can answer with authority your questions about construction, durability, design and installation. After 136 years, we continue to be here to back up our products and our craftsmanship.

What’s new?

New carpet fibers. New, long-wear technologies for greater durability and longer warranties. Plus, carpets that range from classic designs in wools to modern and contemporary patterns and colors using today’s eco-friendly technologies. There’s something for every lifestyle. Did you know that there are super-soft carpet fibers made from corn? Or that premium carpet can be made from recycled materials…and ultimately be recycled again?

What about carpet brands?

Olson Rug carries top-quality, brand-name carpets from carpet mills like: Mohawk, Karastan, Shaw, Tuftex, Masland, RoyalDutch, CustomWeave, Nourison, Dixie, Kane and more. Stainmaster™ and Mohawk SmartStrand Carpets, too.

What about cleaning and maintenance?

Relax. Today’s carpet is a far cry from that of just a few years ago and definitely not what your mother and grandmother had to deal with. Today’s carpets are engineered right from the start to be durable long past the time you tire of the design; they‘re easy to clean and a snap to maintain. Fibers may be soft, but they also are tough; our warranties reflect that. The materials that go into the fibers, added manufacturing know-how, the twist of the fiber and even its backing all contribute to long life and easy maintenance. And let’s not forget those new and healthier cleaning materials designed just for carpet. Most quality carpet requires periodic professional cleaning to keep those amazing warranties intact. Ask us who we recommend in your area.

How important is "twist" in my carpet yarn?

Virtually every carpet is made up of twisted yarns. Generally speaking, the tighter the twist, the better the performance. Twist also affects the look of your carpet. Looser twists appear more casual; tighter ones a bit more formal or tailored. As a general rule, thicker, tighter, denser carpets perform better.

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