Why Buy Chelsea Hardwood Flooring?
One Word - Awesome... These Hardwood Floors Are Beautiful

Developed for the discerning customer looking for exceptional quality at a fair price, Chelsea Plank Flooring® solid pre-finished hardwood flooring is a product that will enhance the look and value of your home. Whether you are looking for elegant, rustic or something in between, Chelsea Plank Flooring® offers a unique pattern plank product line, a wide variety of colors and a Restoration Series Plank for customers seeking a distressed, low sheen product.

Features and Benefits of Chelsea Plank Flooring®

All Chelsea Plank Flooring® is manufactured from timber harvested from the Northern Forest Region, including Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. Designated as a sustainable resource, timber from this combined region is known for bright, consistent color and fine-grain texture

All Chelsea Plank Flooring®is milled, finished and packaged in Chelsea, Michigan by American workers.

As an innovator in prefinished hardwood flooring, Frame Hardwoods has over 50 years of combined experience in milling and finishing wood flooring for homes in the USA, Canada and abroad.

Frame Hardwoods utilizes environmental friendly, ZERO VOC emission manufacturing processes in the production of Chelsea Plank Flooring®.

Chelsea Plank Flooring® is inspected by no less than three trained and qualified inspectors who are looking for any defects that will detract from the appearance or longevity of your floor. Before your flooring is packaged and labeled with our trademark it is inspected for:

  • Correct moisture content
  • Flat, straight and square milling
  • Correct grading and material classification
  • Rejection of defective material to include splits and cracks
  • Three way color match to prevent color drifting
  • All of our specially formulated finishes are backed by a 35-year Wear-Through Warranty.

Since we ARE the manufacturer; we control the manufacturing process from beginning to end. You are assured of a quality Pre-Finished plank floor that will add lasting beauty, and be the envy of your friends and neighbors.

Our Chicagoland Customer Promise

We promise when it comes to hardwood flooring no one in Chicago offers you better service and better values than Olson Rug & Flooring. We know hardwood and we know how to service our Chicago flooring customers! After all, we have been doing this since 1874.

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